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We do sell out!  Get your tickets early- we hate to turn people away!

We want everyone to be safe, healthy and have fun!  To do this we have limited the amount of tickets we sale online and have LIMITED tickets at the door ($5 more) so that the experience is better for everyone.   While our buildings are safe, they are historic and have many stairs, long hallways and some tunnels that take time to navigate through all of them. 

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Welcome to Albion!

Haunted Mansions of Albion is the largest indoor/outdoor haunted production in the Northwest.   This is as real as it gets...genuine, historic, terrifying and entertaining! Bring your friends and brave your way through multiple 100+ year old  buildings once known as the Albion State Normal School, an abandoned college campus. Try to navigate through the School of Chaos, the old Steam Plant, the Clown House, the Creature House  and haunted Comish Hall! During your visit you'll make your way through multiple levels, tunnels, and corridors of our haunted historic buildings. Not only are the indoor haunts terrifying but you will find your wait in line very entertaining.  Come and warm your hands by our burn barrels, snack on the mini doughnuts and enjoy the show!


Tickets sales will be limited and should be purchased online as some nights will sale out.  Bring your ticket on the date and time slot you purchased.  Tickets at the door are LIMITED for a $5 additional fee.
Ticket booth closes at 11 PM on weekends and 10 PM on Thursdays

Group discounts

Reserve group discount tickets online for large groups of 20 or more to receive $3 off per person.


Ticket pricing

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Not interested in going inside the buildings? Just want to enjoy the outside entertainment? Buy at door
Outdoor Only/Parking Entrance fee $8.00

Ticket Dates

The ticket you purchase is only valid for the date and time you choose.  THE TIME YOU CHOOSE IS YOUR ARRIVAL TIME. Do not bring your ticket on the wrong date and time. 


Prices & Hours

Things to know before you come

  • Purchase your tickets online

  • Plan to attend only on your ticket date and arrival time

  • Ticket Booth Closes at 11pm on fridays and Saturdays

  • Ticket Booth Closes at 10 pm on Thursdays

  • Don't bring kids under 8 years old

  • Groups of 20 or more get a $3 discount - use promo code 'group'

  • We are open rain, snow or shine

  • Don't bring any alcohol or drugs

  • No smoking on the property

  • Be aware of lots of stairs and tunnels 

  • Actors don't touch don't plan to touch them

  • Rushing through the Haunted Houses or running may cause injuries

  • Bring your great attitude and have fun!

437 E North st

albion, id

(208) 654-1050

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